I was getting ready for a trip to Costa Rica and all my bikinis … well, I realized they didn’t suit me. So I do whatever I can, and I’m online to start looking for the perfect bikini. There is no doubt that there are many companies out there, so I started going through the list. In my search I came across an interesting company started by a Brazilian woman who was going to a university in the US and was disappointed about the bikini she saw. So she did what any frustrated woman should do: she started her own bikini company and is now in charge of a fast growing Brazilian micro and bikini company on the internet. I recently sat down with Luke swimwear designer Anna at a restaurant in Miami Beach to find out more about her, take a look at the swimsuits and find the perfect bikini …

Thank you Anna for agreeing to take some time off from your busy schedule. Can you ask me to tell you more about why you first started looking at swimwear?

Anna: “[Laughs] Yeah, I think I’m no different than most women. I’m always been frustrated when it’s time to go for a walk or go to the beach. , It was cute, sexy, really perfect bikini. I was not used to this feeling, I grew up in Brazil and the beach and bikini down there is a part of the culture. In short, I was always in the environment and I was definitely interested in swimwear and bikini style I’m shown, so I got the best out of this frustration: I started looking at swimwear “.

I’ve heard you often refer to the “perfect bikini”. Can you tell me more about what that means?

Anna: “Well, the perfect bikini is really something that all women are looking for. It should be made of high quality lyres, stylish, unique and not all women on the beach wear it. Most importantly, it should reflect who you are. Bikinis and fashion go hand in hand, so a perfect bikini brings all these components together in one small package … [laughs] ”.

A little sure … to our foot readers who are not familiar with your bikini lines, how would you describe them?

Anna: “I think the best way to describe them is that our bikinis are all small, sexy, beautiful and fun. We trade as Brazilian micro bikini and bikini suppliers and that is my opinion. Anyone can sell bikinis, but look at a swimwear supplier because we are proud of our design, workability, materials we use and service. And we do not take this commitment lightly. I always talk to our clients to make sure we exceed their expectations from start to finish. I think that’s one of the things that makes us so successful. These days consumers are in high demand and have high expectations. But they are also loyal to the companies they trust and serve them well, so our massive growth is truly a vote of our customer base. ”

See Swimwear is now one of the fastest growing micro bikini companies, what are your plans for next season?

Anna: “Lyras, prints and cuts are always different. I can not tell you what we do, but I do say that you love our new ideas and do not lose our focus on who we are: a very good sexy bikini company. My direct Joe staff and our staff are the most talented and creative people I have ever met; The look is really their backbone. So when you work with talented and creative people, only good things will come out, which means that all the girls will wear and the boys will have more sexy bikinis to have fun with.

How do men enter the swimwear equation?

Anna: “Well, they really are the reason we all want to wear and show off our sexy little bikinis. There is nothing better than a woman’s faith. Don’t get me wrong, a faithful woman does not need anyone’s approval to make a strong impression on her, but it’s quick to show, have fun and get attention, and it’s good for all ages … [laughs] ”

What do you say to some women who have never worn a micro bikini or Brazilian bikini before?

Anna: “They should definitely try it and stay away from lazy outfits that cover everything. I go to beaches all over the world and I still wonder how some people can say what they wear is a bikini. I can tell you that wearing a mini bikini is a lot of fun, but it’s not necessarily made for family reunions. We have many women and couples who buy from us when we go on vacation as a couple or on the boat, in the pool or anywhere. It’s a great reliable push to catch the boys looking at you out of the corner of their eye and they’re really comfortable too. It’s a joke, ten years ago thongs were popular among the people and now look around you, everyone is wearing it. I am not saying that micro and Brazilian bikinis are going to take over the traditional and traditional bikinis, but the market is growing like crazy and is capturing women all over the world. I think it’s all about whether a woman wants to show that she has a bit of a demonic side or break the rules. If so, I suggest you give it a try. We have not received any complaints yet.

Well, thank you Anna for sitting down with me and telling me a little more about your company. Many of my friends have asked me to write an article about your friends and I am very happy to meet you.

Anna: “Jessica is happy, I enjoyed it.”

See Swimwear Ltd. is a supplier of high quality micro and Brazilian bikinis. They have offices in Miami Beach, New York and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For more information on the look swimwear, you can call their Miami Beach offices at 1.305.735.3792 or ask for more information at info @ lookwimwear. See Swimwear Micro Bikini Online Store available at www.lookswimwear.com.


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