Weddings are truly important events for everyone and what better way to celebrate the perfect occasion than by wearing the most stunning alexandrite jewelry? The mysterious shift colors, the sublime history and the rarity of expensive alexandrite make it perfect for a wedding. If the bride has a spectacular look and is wearing alexandrite jewelry then any guest will come to her wedding.

Special occasions require special attention and the best way to do this is to provide perfect food and make guests shine. Men should wear flawless clothes, women should wear fancy clothes and be attracted to special jewelry. The attention-grabbing bride will love to wear something cute to remember for the rest of her life. Alexandrite jewelry is one of the most beautiful jewelry that makes a person feel rare and dignified.

“why?” You are more likely to answer the question. Randy G. Lander. She and her husband have been working with Alexandrite for the past 10 years. Randy G. Lander is of Russian descent and continues the medieval Caspian tradition of the jewelry trade, emphasizing Alexandrite. She can tell you that alexandrite is the rarest gemstone in the world. It is more expensive than diamonds and is therefore very suitable for a wedding. Randy G. Lander also recommends alexandrite jewelry because of the color changes they make. Weddings are events that are dominated by different emotions, from fear of the future to sharing of joy and happiness. Alexandrite can express all these feelings. Excellent gem color can vary depending on the intensity of the light: from green to ruby ​​red or violet / purple. No other color-changing stone has the power to change this mystery. Alexandrite is truly eye-catching.

The Alexandrite gemstone comes from Alexander II. Elegant Alexandrite jewelry was worn by Russian and German royals. The first possessor of Alexandrite was Emperor Ekaterina, but because of a greedy and irresponsible guardian of the royal chambers, some stones were sold to a German prince. The German prince gave his wife Alexandrite jewelry as a gift. When the German princess and Emperor Ekaterina met, they found fault with the royal guardian and he was punished. The rest of Alexandrite’s jewelry was to be worn by the emperor himself.

Alexandrite jewelry still attracts scientists, gemologists, royal buyers and the average buyer. Unsatisfactorily combined elements give Alexandrite unique visual properties and rigidity. That’s why Alexandrite jewelry catches everyone’s attention.

Alexandrite jewelry with such a history and such appreciation should be for your wedding or someone else’s dress. A pair of earrings, a necklace or a ring made of alexandrite will stand out from the crowd. After all, they are jewelry made for royalty and you are the princess at your wedding.


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