“Well,” you might ask, “isn’t jewelry romantic?”This is true to an extent, but we wear jewelry for a number of non-romantic reasons … to achieve a modern look, a professional look, to attract our friends and neighbors.At this point, I am speaking in a broader sense than just relationships.

So what about the romantic feel of the jewelry?

“An attribute or feeling of mystery, emotion and remoteness from everyday life”That wonderful fragmentation is the coldness you get from something more reasonable and good than everyday life.Romantic jewels are jewels that make you feel special, different, like a princess or a prince. Those jewels that take you out of your normal leather drum life every time you wear it. Something extra that comes from wearing something really special.This is probably the reason why gold is such a popular metal for jewelry. I like silver and platinum. Another metal that makes great jewelry (titanium comes to mind), but there’s nothing quite like a love of gold. To wear gold is to wear the jewels of kings and queens. In ancient Egypt, only pharaohs, and especially those who liked pharaohs, were allowed to wear gold. This feeling of being special and being on top of the competition continues to this day. If you want to feel like royalty (or if you want to give a gift that says your loved one thinks you are a king or queen) gold is the answer.Other gems that evoke romance are pearls, emeralds, and gemstones … and, of course, diamonds for most people.

However, diamonds do not seem to have the same warmth and romance as other stones. Of course, the historians of diamonds were not as valuable historically as they are today. Much of the love that has been generated around diamonds started a brilliant and highly effective ad campaign for De Beers in the early 20th century … so I’ll be sticking with another diamond day.Pearls on the other hand … Pearls are great for your skin. They are sensitive and mysterious. To look deeply into a fine pearl is to seek eternity. There is something intriguing about a pearl, knowing that it comes from an active mollusk, not cold soil.Pearls have been valued at all times and in all cultures. Historically, baroque pearls (large, irregularly shaped pearls) were used to make beautiful and elegant jewelry, adorned with wonderful and beautiful jewelry. These often took the form of Neptune or other Greek gods, mermaids, beautiful women, and animals. The tin jewel in the Victoria & Albert Museum is a well-known and extensive use of the Baroque as the basis for a handsome man.

Black pearls, especially black Tahitian pearls, have become very popular in recent years. They come in a variety of colors, from spectacular purples and greens to trendy browns amongst pine trees. Everything is beautiful and the range of colors gives you great flexibility in choosing the right pearl for your dress and mood. The most beautiful black pearl necklace I have ever seen was from a small scale jewelry retailer in Morrison Berkeley. The pearls come together to form a rainbow, melting each nearby color. What could be more romantic than Tahitian pearls.Emeralds and gems are traditionally the emperor and the emperor of gems. Our ancestors may have been inspired by its colorful colors. It’s certainly hard to ignore those cool, colorful blood-red snake leaves. Even today, emeralds and rubies of the same size and quality are more expensive than similar diamonds.Colored gems were used to send romantic messages in Victorian times. Sometimes this is done for interesting and not necessarily unattractive environments; But it is a very romantic feeling. For example, a jewel can have this gem:

Love: lapis lazuli, opal, vermilion and emerald.
OBSERVATION: Ruby, Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst, Ruby and Diamonds.

The shape of the jewelry can also convey a romantic message. Hearts and hands clasped, dresses that hold a heart, and coffee are self-explanatory, but some shapes are a bit subtle.For many cultures, including Roman and Victorian, the snake was a symbol of lasting love. A snake biting its tail to make a circle is a symbol of eternal love. Prince Albert gave Queen Victoria a snake engagement ring, the beginning of a long and festive marriage.Lizards and frogs were symbols of marital happiness. Perhaps this explains the continued popularity of jewelry depicting these strange creatures.

Flower-shaped jewelry can also be symbolic. Ophelia quotes “Rosemary is there, it is to be remembered; pray, love, remember: there is a thought. It is for thoughts.”Other flowers commonly found in jewelry are daisies for innocence, roses for growth and perpetuation of love, and a bouquet that symbolizes the development and compatibility of marriage. Instead of the usual “anniversary ring”, how about a more romantic bouquet pendant when considered the perfect gift for the next anniversary?The next time you’re checking your jewelry box before that special endeavor or looking for the perfect gift for the perfect boyfriend, consider the symbolic love of jewelry and gemstones.


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