Adhering to a favorable fiction, this may be the time to check out more reality and find out if you are stuck in your gap or if you can still dig in between the old and the new.Try to see if this simple fashion projection fits one or more of them.Do restless people seem to dress better than others? Yes, restless people seem to wear long sleeves, high-necked blouses, hats or tight, formal clothes. People like this hide their repression in their ordinary clothes.Are the simple side panels really cocky? Yes. Dressmakers feel that wearing less clothes is not flattering to them, and that their permanent personality can be superior to the fancy style they choose.

Are there too many opportunities in the workplace for too many fancy friends or co-workers? An overly fancy friend will not dress up wherever they go, because they have no place to wear the fancy fashions they choose. When you occasionally see a friend or assistant in the store, you use it as a statement that is actually nowhere to be found.

“I Never Have a Suit or something to wear for the occasion,” Are people really unhappy? Yes, how many of us have said that we cannot go in a lifetime because we have nothing to wear? Go to the bathroom and check out the latest fashions and clothing we have, but our satisfaction with the style we want is still not hanging in the closet.

People complain about the price of their flat clothes in session statements, right? People who want a credible push will not brag about bargaining, but will expect social fashion status to be expensive and a classic fashion statement.

Are people who drink or overindulge in alcohol usually miserable? Yes. Shake yourself frequently in the cold, regardless of temperature. Excessive drinkers are people who pay close attention. A person who dresses as if he were a baby is usually lonely and distracted.

Since kids dress differently and have different fashion expressions, will the fashion statement stay with them as they get older? Teenage fashion is a spontaneous expression of variety. Adolescence will bring diversity, activity and new stages. In recent years, however, fashion has brought standard and authority.

Simple sized or short side panels rebellious? Yes. Small side panels are the opposite of high side panels. These types of people will use little or nothing to help with the overwhelming security they feel. They wear less clothes, and it is easier to take off their clothes when they feel clearly insecure.

Those who dress neatly, are they superior in fashion expression? This can be a feeling they make by wearing clothes to create a deeper feeling. Neat dressers straighten ties and remove lint from your jacket to get their attention.

Are you in a casual dressing room? If you have accepted this question, you are comfortable with anything you wear. Your shopping for modern fashion clothing will not make a bold statement. Your casual attire will tell others that they are comfortable with their style and that you like casual fashion. A casual wardrobe will feel comfortable in any situation and have a kind heart.

Now that you have examined the different conditions for buying and wearing fashion, where do you fit in here?

Are you a brave, casual person? Or do you lack the courage and determination to get rid of the old and the old?


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