Narciso Rodríguez was born in 1967. 1961 in New Jersey with Cuban mother and father, he studied at Parsons Design of Design in New York, and after starting work he worked for designers similar to 9 Klein, TSE, and Narciso’s parents, Calvin Klein. Extremely unhappy with his style choice as a career. They tend to see it in one particularly harsh structure, such as.

Whether on the runway or on the purple carpet, there is a need for designer Narciso Rodríguez.He started in 1985 as legendary style assistant Nen Klein. Narcissus is featured in complementary dress customization. The shape of a girl “The frame for the girl’s character and her true beauty is amazing.”

Calvin Klein became best friend while working for Narcissus and Caroline Bassett [later Caroline Kennedy]. Caroline Basset Kennedy’s wedding dress design offers a narcissist’s entrance and center stage in the world of style. The design of Narciso’s wedding gown for Caroline brought great controversy around the world. On September 21, 1996, Caroline Bassett left the church to Kennedy, John F. Kennedy The women gagged, and Caroline Bassett wore a Kennedy wedding gown.

Caroline’s wedding gown made from pure white silk. This straightforward dress combines beauty, class and glamor into a fake package. The young woman began to admire {that a} a horny wedding dress. This is a completely new idea. Over the years, many women have viewed themselves as stuffed Pillsbury dough on their wedding day, Narciso Caroline has completed what women thought they might not do with the clothes at their wedding ceremony. She has evolved into this charming princess. This look was created by her best friend Narciso Rodríguez. Narcissus was a family man who identified Caroline’s wedding dress.

Knowing who designed the series, Narciso receives requests from all the top designers on the planet. Dreams come true as Narciso joins the LMVH family.What draws back into this skilled journey is that Narciso lives his life in a suitcase, spending little or no time with family and friends.
Finally, Narcissus himself supports the “done” concept. However, working at a large company can hold back your independent design idea, and it won’t be long before Narcissus finds out he doesn’t like his work.
The turning point in his life was the loss of Caroline Basset Kennedy’s life in a plane crash. Narcissus misstated his best and dearest friend, and for him this might be a fact check and the name awakens Narciso out of LVMH and goes home, realizing that all he wants is freedom. In his personal assortment
Narcissus can focus on his personal wardrobe, creating a suitable look for the girl. More than just designing clothes for fireworks, Narciso’s designs convey the curves and chaos of girls and are truly feminine designs. Narciso’s Latin background conveys the Latin flames of his creations.Narciso says Latina girls have numbers and are satisfied with it, so they fit the place they want to go along with their designs.

Narcissus’ skills as a designer were so great that he was able to make the pet stand out.Sarah Jessica Parker, Sheryl Crow, and Salma Hayek wore attractive clothing designed by Narkiso, none of those celebrities were 6 feet tall, however a match. Those costumes must die.
By the spring of 1998, Narciso launched his signature ready-to-wear set in Milan. It has become a staple journal of style, Rodriguez’s American expertise and Latin roots have been part of the great success, coupled with his style of subtle European creations. In 1997, Narciso was awarded the Greatest Designer Award for VH1 Trend Awards and won the Hispanic Designer of the Yr in 1998.He has won the CFDA Perry Ellis Award.So far, these awards have been given to designers similar to Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera. Over the past two years with CFDA, she has been awarded Ladies’s Costume Designer of the Yr in each class, 2002 and 2003.

Oprah Winfrey proudly displays the gold cloak in O Journal’s newest issue, imagine it? This dress was not made of gold. But it is made of gold-colored iron and tightened to make it the material of the robe. The set can be found at O ​​Journal and

Narcissus is a contemporary air vibe that relates to the feminine style. Designed for real women In case you’re excited about Narciso Rodriguez and his work.


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