Haven’t been dressed for a while and need one for Friday night’s dinner? Don’t worry, with a little help and planning, you can find that perfect outfit for Friday night. Here it is.Find out where it goes. Is it formal, semi-formal, casual or grinding? You do not even have to dress casually to know that it will take you to the beach for a beautiful romantic dinner!Now decide the type of dress. It is important to choose a dress that flattens your figure. Not all clothing types work for all body types. The most commendable dresses are dark colors and a simple cut. You want to show the best features and reproduce them.Now select a color. You can wear black, but why not explore some other attractive options? The bright colors and bold prints are spectacular. Pastel, medium range glossy and soft prints are perfect for elegant occasions. Blues, pines and whites are visible to almost anyone.

Now is the time to coordinate color and typewriting with style. There are thousands of clothing styles in a variety of styles. Try many things you do not like to hang. Some hangers look horrible but are great on the body! You never know until you try it.For special evening occasions, choose a cocktail dress. This is where the classic “little black dress” fits.For a beach getaway, try a sexy little dress with spaghetti straps.It’s easy to fall in love with a $ 500 dress, so you should definitely set a budget before you buy it.Special occasion dresses are usually more casual than casual wear. If you go shopping, you may find one that works in your price range.Now that you have the perfect outfit you will need a few accessories. Decorative dress and occasion will be an inspiration. Do not add a ton of glitter, it will overshadow your outfit. Bright brooches and wardrobes are good ways to add special pizzas to your outfit.You want to dress like a celebrity but don’t have big pockets? Great, so here are some tips to help you get started:

– First, get to know your own image and your own style. Do not follow trends that do not suit you. Most dresses look great on models like Kate Moss but not so much the average woman! Do you remember how many items you bought impulsively last season? You didn’t even use them!

– Look at your toilet and make a list of things you already want to keep. Then make a list of what you really need and have. Buying from a list will keep your attention and minimize expensive impulsive purchases.

– Buy the best quality clothes and accessories you can afford. They look better, last longer, wear less, wash better, and as a result, save you more money than buying large quantities of non-standard parts that have only a few uses.

– For large items such as suits, dresses, coats: Buy classic models. These are time-tested and not as up-to-date as the latest trend shopping clothes. For smaller items like bags and accessories, go shopping for the latest and most fashionable and keep it up to date and go for the brightest colors (they won’t make you look fat!).

– Buy for sale whenever possible. After a few months from celebrities you can buy the same piece for half or less. No one will tell you “you are outdated”, just a few months. You can get some good bargains in the last few days at popular stores like Harrods and Harvey Nichols. If you have internet knowledge, buy online at eBay.

– Trade small items such as hats and bags with your best friends (of course, only those that taste good). There is no point in spending a lot of money on something you only wear once (well, it’s a shame if you wear the same clothes to your big parties). So share them with your friends.

Ladies, being well-dressed does not have to be a matter of luck. If you spend a little time and have an idea for your needs, consider buying your own clothes as an investment.


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