Genuine handmade silver jewelry is as beautiful as it is unique. Whether you are looking for pieces to add to your collection or shopping for gifts, there are great online resources for handmade earrings, pendants, rings, barrettes and necklaces. For a wonderful shopping experience, follow these five tips.

Find a reliable source. This is unspoken, but do not confuse commercially made jewelry with handmade silver jewelry. The second is made by artisans who are proud of their work. It helps to find a company that has been in business for decades and has been selling online for at least five years.

The Next Big Thing in Best Silver Jewellery

Take advantage of privatization. When making jewelry by hand, it can be personalized in many ways, from the length of the chains to the gemstones used in pendants and rings. You do not have to settle for “good enough”. Instead, you get the exact size of the part you always dreamed of.

Measure carefully. Since personalized pieces are usually non-refundable, it is important to ensure that the handmade silver jewelry you order matches. It only takes a few minutes to get a good measurement and doing so will ensure that the necklace or ring you are ordering is exactly what you need. For rings, take a piece of thread from a friend and duplicate or wrap it around the largest part of your finger. To determine the size, place the thread against a tape measure and compare your measurement with the size chart on the website. If you are between sizes, it is better to choose a larger size. You can use thread to measure the length of the bracelet, necklace or ankle.

Do your gem research. There is a lot of information about gemstones in the best online jewelry sites. Before ordering, read about the gems you are considering. For example, it is important to know that aquamarine can be cleaned with dish soap, but ultrasonic and steam cleaning can damage the stone. Similarly, although you know that pearls are delicate and can easily absorb liquids, you may not know that turquoise is also porous and can easily stain.

If you are ordering jewelry, it is important to know whether the stones are natural or have added color. Recognized craftsmen will share this information freely. However, do not be afraid if the stones are prone to sharpening or changing their color. Natural colored gems, sapphires and tops, for example, are unusually rare; Enhancing the color of gemstones is an accepted practice in the jewelry industry.

Invest in something real. Silver jewelry is beautiful, but only if it is real silver. Make sure the online source you choose uses sterling silver (.925 or 92.5 percent silver) or fine silver (99.9 percent pure silver). When you invest in handmade silver jewelry, you are not only buying a piece of treasure, but also one that can become an inheritance for future generations.



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